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Step into the serene embrace of Mtoni River Lodge, Arusha’s hidden gem, where the soul of Africa resonates in every corner.


Discover Comfort Crafted from Tradition at Mtoni River Lodge


Embracing the essence of Africa doesn’t mean compromising on comfort. At Mtoni River Lodge, our accommodations blend traditional designs with modern amenities, ensuring an authentic yet luxurious stay for our guests.

Maasai Boma Huts

A Glimpse into Tradition

Construction and Materials
Delving deep into African roots, our Maasai Boma huts are crafted with dedication and reverence for tradition. Local families have meticulously constructed these lodgings using age-old methods, incorporating earth combined with cow dung. This mix is not just a testament to ancient practices but is also eco-friendly, reducing our carbon footprint.
Interior Design and Roofing Modifications
Inside the huts, the walls are treated with a finishing lacquer, rendering them smooth and polished. While we've retained the essence of traditional roofing with aromatic grasses that naturally repel mosquitoes, we've incorporated a middle layer. This ensures a snug environment, free from rain droplets, enhancing your stay.
Comfort Features
Dive into comfort as you step inside. The huts, though rooted in tradition, are equipped with modern amenities ensuring a relaxed stay. Whether it's the calming aroma of the roofing grasses or the natural insulation of the earthy walls, every element has been considered for your comfort.

Honeymoon Suites

A Romantic Oasis

For those seeking an intimate escape, our deluxe honeymoon suites offer a blend of privacy, luxury, and breathtaking beauty. These suites are expansive, ensuring ample space for love to blossom.

Unique Features and Views
Nestled in prime locations, each suite offers mesmerizing views that capture the pristine beauty of the African landscape. The seamless indoor-outdoor design ensures you're always connected to nature, even from the comfort of your bed.
Origin and Design of Upcycled Beds
Immerse yourself in history as you rest on beds crafted from antique ocean-cured timbers. These timbers have tales of their own, having once voyaged the high seas as dhow boats. Their transformation into beds not only speaks of sustainability but also adds a touch of the ancient to your nightly repose.
Special Amenities for Couples
Love deserves celebration, and our honeymoon suites are designed to do just that. With indulgent waterfall showers, exquisite room service menus, and private nooks overlooking stunning vistas, couples can relish every moment.