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Step into the serene embrace of Mtoni River Lodge, Arusha’s hidden gem, where the soul of Africa resonates in every corner.

Ecology & Sustainability

At Mtoni River Lodge, we are more than just a serene getaway; we are a harmonious blend of luxury and responsibility. Our commitment to the environment isn’t a marketing tactic – it’s an ingrained principle that guides our every move.

Commitment to Eco-Friendliness
From the construction of our Maasai Boma huts using age-old techniques to the very heart of our operations, our pledge to eco-friendliness is unwavering. We believe that luxury shouldn't come at the planet's expense. That's why we continually ensure that our carbon footprint remains minimal, while our impact on the community and environment remains profoundly positive.
Harnessing the Power of the Sun
Africa, with its abundant sunshine, provides us with a golden opportunity to tap into the clean, boundless energy of the sun. Our solar power systems are more than just functional; they represent our commitment to a brighter, sustainable future. By transitioning to solar power for both our heating and energy needs, we not only significantly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions but also embrace a reliable and renewable power source that respects the beauty of our surroundings.
Recycling and Upcycling
Breathing New Life into the Old
In every corner of Mtoni River Lodge, you'll discover stories of rejuvenation and creativity. We pride ourselves on our innovative recycling and upcycling initiatives. From beds crafted from antique ocean-cured timbers to everyday items getting a second lease of life, our recycling efforts are more than just eco-friendly—they're a testament to our belief that with a touch of creativity, we can reduce waste and promote sustainability. Moreover, by engaging with the local community, we ensure that our upcycling projects not only reduce waste but also foster local craftsmanship and ingenuity, helping the community thrive alongside us.

Beyond the Lodge: Sustainable Choices

Our commitment to ecology doesn’t stop at our gates. We continually source earth-friendly goods, engaging with suppliers who share our vision of a sustainable future. By making conscious choices in our procurement, we ensure that every aspect of your stay with us echoes our dedication to both luxury and sustainability.